[LIVE 10AM ET] Authorities Agrees to Settle Debt With Further Debt; Musk Says No to European Censorship | Stick with Josh

A debt deal has been made. President Joe Biden and Dwelling Speaker Kevin McCarthy have agreed to as soon as extra improve the debt ceiling. This mainly means digging the nation deeper into debt, whereas making it appear they’re fixing the debt draw back. On the same time, nonetheless, it reveals a bipartisan deal, nonetheless Republicans and Democrats keep divided on the deal.

Within the meantime, Twitter CEO Elon Musk is embracing the American spirit, and has decided to overtly disobey the governments of Europe. He’s now pulling Twitter out of a European censorship settlement. And by doing so, the world will witness how quite a bit authority the European censorship police can exert on a enterprise.

And in several data, Donald Trump has put his money the place his mouth is. The earlier president and important candidate for 2024 has begun ballot harvesting. By putting in apply one factor he beforehand opposed, he’s now collaborating throughout the new strategy elections are run.

On this reside Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp, we’ll discuss these tales, and reply questions from the viewers.