Paint Vinyl Siding

Chances are you’ll make a house with earlier, weather-beaten vinyl siding stop web site guests with a model new coat of a good-quality, acrylic latex exterior paint. We like water-based acrylic exterior paint because of it goes on merely and has leveling properties, so it adheres to every simple and textured surfaces.

And the paint is flexible, so it withstands modifications throughout the native climate. The bonus of using latex paint is when the job is completed it’s easy to wash brushes and rollers and your self and clothes.

A paint contractor will value $2,700, along with labor and supplies, to wash, put collectively and paint a one-story residence of 1,400 sq. ft of vinyl siding. The preparation is intensive and accommodates cleaning the siding with a pressure washer to completely take away filth and ineffective bugs, after which washing the ground to remove all mildew, mildew, and tree sap. When it’s dry, the paint goes on.

In case you’re considering doing the job, you’ll have the ability to learn how quite a bit paint you need by typing “exterior paint calculator” in a search engine. Reply the prompts concerning the residence like its sq. footage, dimensions, flooring scenario and the numbers of residence home windows and doorways.

To kind out the job, you’ll be able to do the work for $350, the worth of the paint and cleaning supplies. In the event you would possibly need to rent a pressure washer, worth vary about $50 (electrical) to $90 (gas-powered) a day to rent one. It’s a labor-intensive problem that may take considerable time counting on the size of the house. If your personal house is 2 tales, you would possibly should rent ladders and scaffolding, which supplies to the related payment.

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Skilled Worth — DIY Worth — Skilled time — DIY Time — DIY Monetary financial savings — P.c Saved

$2,700 — $350 — 29.9 — 37.5 — $2350 — 87 P.c